Corporate press releases

Renting production capacity instead of buying hardware: More leeway for injection molding
– KraussMaffei and Netstal now offer complete leasing packages for injection molding machines
– Available for all KraussMaffei and Netstal standard machines up to 3,000 kN
– Be technically up-to-date at all times – without taking a hit on your balance sheet
– Life cycle concept, maintenance and service included on demand

(Munich, October 18, 2017) Be technically up-to-date at all times – without taking a hit on your balance sheet. By leasing machines, companies maintain their flexibility and can absorb order peaks comfortably. KraussMaffei and Netstal together with a leading international leasing company offer a comprehensive leasing model for various standard machines up to 3,000 kN, that includes service and insurance as options. At the end of the leasing period, the customer can decide whether to lease a new model, take over the existing one or simply return the machine.

Renting production capacity flexibly

"Our customers often receive orders with periods from four to seven years. Those who buy a machine specially for this purpose have to get use out of it afterwards. In our program, the customer can have the flexibility to rent production capacity only for the required period." This is how Nadine Despineux, Vice President Sales at KraussMaffei, describes the main advantage for this new financing method. Therefore KraussMaffei cooperates with an international leading leasing company. Together they developed the concept focused on the idea of the life cycle. That means that in an ideal scenario, the monthly leasing fee covers everything that can occur during the life of a productive used machine. Besides the customary servicing, which is, of course, carried out by the manufacturer's specialists, an optional machinery breakage insurance policy is available. Besides force majeure, this also includes operating errors by the staff, lack of lubricants and other problems as well.

In the "Speed & Standard package" with a predefined leasing period, which covers systems up to 250,000 EUR, the contract processing is fast and convenient at the customer's facility. For orders with large volumes of over 250,000 EUR there are multiple customized options ("Flexible & Tailored") with premature return or contract extension – and the common financing partner therefore also backs this with comprehensive customer support.

Stock keeping of CX ClassiX small machines

For this new distribution channel, KraussMaffei will keep an inventory of CX ClassiX machines in stock so that customers can also benefit from an extremely fast delivery time in addition to flexibility. Configurations that are currently not available in the pool will be produced order-specifically. The customer receives a custom-tailored machine at very attractive conditions based on its individualized production needs. After the optimal leasing period of four years, the customer might even say, "We'd like another, please."