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We prefer people who ask questions as opposed to people who think they already know everything. Our questions and answers service should serve as the first port of call for guide orientation.

General questions

What ist the strategy of the KraussMaffei Group?
Our company strategy can be found here.

What management philosophy/principles/instruments are there in your company?
In the area our values you can find information on our management philosophy and our management principles and instruments.

What offers are available for personnel development and the qualification of employees?
Our personnel development and qualification measures can be found in the area Personnel development.

Where can I find the right contact partner?
A list of our contact partners can be found here.

How are applicants selected?
The applicants are selected by a structured interview, in cooperation with the Personnel Department and the responsible business area.

What are the current vacancies and where can I find them?
You can find a list of our current vacancies here, which is updated on a daily basis.

Which format should my application have?
Your application should contain all important information about your career and your intended area of responsibility at the KraussMaffei Group. Please put together a tabular curriculum vitae and important certificates in a PDF file and send them directly to the Personnel Department.

Internship questions

In what business areas does KraussMaffei offer internships?
KraussMaffei offers internships in the trade/commercial business area "Mechanical engineering".

When can I apply for an internship?
The number of places is limited so send in your application early! At least 3 months before your desired start.

How can I apply for an internship?
Please send your written application documents, resumé and a copy of the last report to the respective contact partner. Please combine your documents in a PDF file.

Does a special application form need to be completed?
No, there is no special application form in the first stage.

Is it possible to complete an internship abroad?
Not possible at the moment.

Is the application for an internship forwarded to other locations?
For quick processing the applications are coordinated centrally from Munich for the respective location.

How many internship places do you generally offer per year?
The number of internship places is not fixed but varies every six months. For this reason we cannot give precise figures.

Questions from students and graduates

Are there also jobs available for students?
It is possible to obtain practical experience in all business areas either during the semester break as a full-time employee or part-time during the academic year (up to 19 hours per week).

When and how is best to apply?
A brief application (letter of motivation, resumé) with details of the possible duration of employment or the possible number of weekly hours can be sent to at any time.

What is the pay for such work?
For full-time employment (35 hours per week) and depending on the number of semesters completed the pay can vary between € 1,450 and € 1,800.

What type of marketing activities does your company engage in for universities?
We take part in career fairs, publish select image ads in university magazines and have direct contact with professors and institutes for development projects.

In what universities is this currently undertaken?
Currently at TU Munich, FH Munich and FH Rosenheim.

How many university graduates do you employ per year?
We employ approx. 10 - 20 university graduates per year.

Does KraussMaffei supervise thesis research?
Yes, mainly in the areas of design and development, application technology, production and supply management.

What requirements must be satisfied for the supervision of thesis research?
We prefer to assign thesis work to students who have already completed an internship with KraussMaffei.

How do I apply to undertake thesis research?
You should ideally apply approx. 3 months before the start of the thesis and send the application by e-mail to: with specification of your preferred topic area. We will check the internal possibilities with the responsible business area managers who will then contact you directly in the event of appropriate topics and refine the topic together with you.

Is is possible to gain employment with your company after the completion of thesis research?
We are delighted to use this opportunity for staffing purposes as the technical and methodical skills, as well as the social competence of the candidate, are already identifiable at the preparation of a thesis.

Do I get paid by the company during the thesis research stage?
The pay is 700 Euro per month as personal expenses as part of a freelance working relationship.

Questions from technical specialists and managers

What current vacancies are there?
The current vacancies can be found here.

How do I apply?
All application methods are possible. Please select the one most appropriate to you. Our online application form is used only to obtain an initial impression. We prefer the classic application to the online application.

Are the applications forwarded to other locations or abroad?
Yes, in the event of an appropriate vacancy the applications are forwarded.