Supervisory board

According to legal principles, the Supervisory Board acts as an organ controlling the activities of the Board of Management. In addition to carrying out its control activities, the Supervisory Board advises the Board of Management. The committee comprises representatives of the stockholders and employees.

The following are currently members of the supervisory board of KraussMaffei Group GmbH:

Xinping Bai
Peking, China
Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Peter Krahl
Munich, Germany
Deputy Chairman of the supervisory board, employee representative

Ting Cai
Peking, China

Gong Jin
Peking, China

Jie Shi
Peking, China

Jifeng Zhao
Peking, China

Horst Lischka
Munich, Germany

Susanne Meyer
Markt Indersdorf, Germany

Robert Weinmüller
Bergkirchen, Germany

Sascha Dudzik
Hanover, Germany

Berthold Butzmann
Holzkirchen, Germany