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High-tech solution concepts for the Iberian market
As a system provider KraussMaffei Berstorff showcases innovative technological solution concepts at Equiplast

(Munich, August 28, 2017) At Equiplast in Barcelona (October 2 to 6 2017, Hall 3, Booth D 458), KraussMaffei Berstorff presents the PO 5-layer pipehead KM-5L RKW 01-40 for the first time on the Spanish market. The exhibit represents superb innovative technological solution concepts of the company which are in increasing demand by processors from southern Europe.

On trend: Multilayer pipes with multifunctionality

"In recent years the design of our spiral distributor system has been perfected; with our clever pipehead concept we have reached a leading market position", states Andreas Kessler, General Sales Manager at KraussMaffei Berstorff in Munich. "The massive sales success within a very short period of time is our proof".

The modular design of the pipehead KM-5L RKW 01-40 - consisting of axial, radial, and conical spirals – ensures maximum precision and exact layer thickness distribution at high line speeds and also offers huge flexibility in the processing of different PO materials, such as PE-RT, PE-X, or PB.

"We are also launching our flexible and modular concept on the Iberian market and meet the high market requirements for excellent end product quality and competitive production", adds Kessler. The exhibit is designed for throughputs of up to 300 kg/h (inner layer) for a dimension range between 8 mm and 40 mm.
The 5-layer pipes are characterized by excellent property patterns, such as resistance against stress cracks, scratch resistance, oxygen tightness, diffusion and temperature resistance, as well as insulation properties, which are especially interesting for panel and floor heating systems, as they are easy to lay and must have a long service life.

Premium quality machine technology for material-saving pipe production

"In the southern European market processors are currently focusing on pipes for non-pressure applications, such as drainage or sewer pipes", states Kessler. In order to reduce product costs, they are often extruded in multiple layers with a high filler content in the middle layer, which is foamed, from recyclate or post-consumer material. "For this application we offer producers feasible, customer-specific, and interesting solution concepts", explains Kessler. The optimized series of PVC multilayer pipeheads fulfills the high requirements of processing foamed and recycling PVC formulations. Technical attributes guarantee maximum throughput and precise layer thickness distribution. "With our systems the processor achieves a premium quality end product with maximum material cost savings".

"We also offer our direct extrusion concept for the production of high-filled, multilayer sewer pipes made from polypropylene for the southern European market", states Kessler.

In the one-step process the material components are compounded on corotating twin-screw extruders and then extruded on spiral distributor distributor pipeheads. A process which protects the material and also maximizes profits as high material costs, energy input, and handling are reduced. The pipes produced are not only used in classic sewage pipes, but also as "low-noise" domestic drainpipes in multistory buildings, as the mineral-filled middle layer has a sound-absorbing effect.

KraussMaffei Berstorff at Equiplast in Barcelona, Hall 3, Booth D 458