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Custom-made for pick-and-place: The new LRX EasyControl linear robot from KraussMaffei
– New EasyControl control system allows for ease in getting started and short setup times
– Suitable for all commonly available injection molding machines
– Ideal for both beginners and for experienced injection molding processors
– Synchronized assembly at our location in Schwerin, Germany ensures short delivery times

(Munich, October 17, 2018) Easy to program and intuitive to operate – With the new LRX EasyControl linear robots, KraussMaffei offers an efficient solution for simple pick-and-place applications, both for beginners as well as experienced injection molding processors. The centerpiece of the new series is the new EasyControl control system. It is characterized by its easy, intuitive operation and fast programming, thereby permitting short setup times as well as enabling beginners to get started quickly.

Increased demand for pick-and-place solutions

"Alongside the complex automation solutions for advanced plastic components that prevail mostly in Europe, demand for simple pick-and-place applications is increasing. That is why we have decided to expand our portfolio with a new series that is both simplified and high-quality. During an agile process, we developed an efficient solution with and for our customers: the new LRX EasyControl linear robot," says Thomas Marufke, Managing Director at KraussMaffei Automation.

The basic components of the new LRX EasyControl series are fundamentally based on the new LRX small robot series that was launched in 2017 and includes firmly defined, standardized equipment. This standard covers all requirements for simple pick-and-place applications. KraussMaffei uses synchronized assembly at its location in Schwerin for the production of the LRX EasyControl. This ensures faster delivery times (up to 40 percent), high quality thanks to production from a single source and fast support and retrofit services – such as the stocking of spare parts.

New control system shortens setup time by up to 30 percent

The primary focus of the new LRX EasyControl series is on the control system of the linear unit. The concept of the new EasyControl is based on three different programming stages that are mutually interchangeable. Its advantage is that the system enables different production operators to work flexibly in their preferred system, depending on their level of experience and the application at hand. For instance in level 1, the pick-and-place wizard guides inexperienced operators through the setup process with questions and simple selection fields. Level 2 and level 3 can be programmed by the user and, with their graphic and text-based sequence programming, these levels most notably offer a platform for the requirements of experienced injection molding processors.

Compared to conventional control systems, the new EasyControl enables users to get started with the automation process very quickly. Startup takes significantly less time—up to 30 percent. The quick introduction features another advantage: The risk of faulty programming and operation is reduced, which in turn helps to avoid failures and collision-caused shutdowns. In total, this increases productivity, especially with a wide variety of products.

Ideal for beginners and professionals alike

Beginners and experienced injection molding processors both equally benefit from the advantages of the new LRX EasyControl series and the new control system, since both pursue the shared aim of quickly and safely training the operator how to operate the system in order to prevent operator errors—especially collisions and machine downtimes. "This is becoming more and more important, particularly in times when specialists are scarce or during qualified employee turnovers. With the new LRX EasyControl, we have succeeded in bringing the different requirements of our customers in line and in the development of a customized, flexible solution," says Marufke.

The new LRX EasyControl devices will be on offer at Fakuma in the 50 and 100 models, and are suitable for all injection molding machines—both from KraussMaffei and from other manufacturers as well. Further models and additional features will follow in 2019.

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