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Plastics 4.0: Netstal to unveil new e-service and cloud-based product monitoring data platform AnalytiX at Fakuma
- Premium support and optimum availability with the new Netstal e-service
- Visual display of machine parameters anytime, anywhere with AnalytiX
- Link ups to KraussMaffei MaXecution and other MES solutions

(Näfels/Friedrichshafen, October 18, 2017) At Fakuma (Friedrichshafen, October 17-21, Hall A7, Stand 7303/7304), Netstal will be unveiling two innovative products from the Plastics 4.0 family; its e-service and the cloud-based production monitoring platform AnalytiX. Versatile electronic functions providing information and direct communication will further increase production efficiency. Both AnalytiX and the e-service will be available from the second quarter of 2018. Furthermore, Netstal machines can also be linked via standard Euromap interfaces to KraussMaffei's new MaXecution MES system.

Interactive service: premium support, optimum availability

Netstal Service & Solutions becomes digital: In future, the new e-service portal will deliver versatile electronic functions that provide information and direct communications to Netstal customers. Access to machine-specific documents, rapid replacement part identification with direct ordering, an integrated ticket system and many other features take the award-winning Netstal After Sales Service to a whole new level and additionally increase manufacturing efficiency. Netstal will present the new portal at Fakuma in cooperation with the current test client Flex Precision Plastics (Switzerland) AG. Roll out for all Netstal customers is scheduled for the second quarter of 2018.

Online service increases efficiency and saves costs

Key benefits of the digital service for customers are time saving, enhanced availability and a reduction in costs, with unnecessary waiting periods minimized and the administrative requirement reduced. A clear example of this is the procurement of replacement parts, where customers are able to check part availability and prices online at any time and then place orders directly. To avoid ordering the wrong part, an integrated, machine-specific parts finder will help identify the correct item.

A detailed view of Netstal services

Core access to Netstal services is provided by the transparent dashboard. Customers are presented with a convenient overview offering quick access to their machine park, important documents, support tickets, e-commerce application and personal favorites. Via the machine dashboard, customers are able to access their Netstal injection molding systems; irrespective of how long machines have been in operation. Even products stemming from an older series can be integrated into the platform. The detailed interface provides customers with all relevant machine-specific information and also enables them to create a support ticket and check the history. Through the integrated Netstal Remote Support (NRS) function, technical support can obtain remote maintenance access to the machine controllers where required. The subsequently linked service engineer can then carry out immediate system diagnostics and implement corrective measures if necessary.

Netstal AnalytiX: visual display of machine parameters anytime, anywhere

Netstal's cloud-based analysis tool AnalytiX will be available in future to support continuous production monitoring. The application is an integral component of the new e-service portal and will also be available as an independent app for smartphones and tablets running the iOS and Android operating systems. AnalytiX enables customers to monitor their machines at any time regardless of location and benefit from automated analysis of the processes and machine conditions. This consequently saves a significant amount of time and increases employee efficiency. Supported by intelligent stability and productivity ratios, the user can recognize negative trends or performance deviations of individual machines at a glance. Stability specifications of individual machines or the entire production process involves a newly developed ratio based on an intelligent algorithm. Overall performance is detailed as a single percentage after taking into account ten crucial process parameters. In addition, the productivity coefficient determines the efficiency of overall production and individual machines, also returning this as a percentage. Another possible option is continuous online monitoring of the power consumption per cycle.

Analyses down to the last detail

AnalytiX also enables an in-depth analysis. Analyses of over 60 different production parameters are available for each individual machine. This enables, for example, the cycle times, metering stroke and injection time to be remotely monitored in real time and used for independent analyses. All the information can be conveniently called up with a few clicks or taps.

Link ups to KraussMaffei MaXecution and other MES solutions

If greater functional scope is required and analyses need to be incorporated directly into production planning, then the respective Netstal machines can also be linked to a manufacturing execution system (MES). In the shape of MaXecution, KraussMaffei will be unveiling a compact and modular MES at Fakuma that is specially designed for small and medium-sized injection molding companies. In contrast to a full-on MES solution, these companies benefit from a lean solution that offers specific functional scope and fast implementation within the company infrastructure. As linking to an MES is performed via standard Euromap interfaces, Netstal customers have recourse to a large selection of different providers.