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Customized for small injection molding companies: The new MES system MaXecution from KraussMaffei
– World première at Fakuma
– Greater transparency in production and planning
– Better capacity utilization of the machinery pool, fewer rejects and greater overall equipment effectiveness
– Cooperation with the company MPDV Mikrolab GmbH

(Munich, October 18, 2017) With the new MaXecution, at Fakuma (Hall A7, Booth 7303/7304) KraussMaffei will for the first time present a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) tailored to the requirements of small injection molding companies. The new software creates more transparency in production by means of productivity indicators, for example regarding the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), the management of molds and resources and the statistics on machines and rejects. In total, using this software means better capacity utilization of the machinery pool, fewer rejects and higher overall equipment effectiveness. The new MaXecution is offered in three versions, so that processors can decide on the basis of requirements how many functions of an MES they need.

Reliable evaluation thanks to real-time data

"The increasing digitalization does not stop on account of minor plastics processors. However, the procurement of a complete MES system often involves excessive expenditure. With the new MaXecution, we offer our customers, in addition to the appropriate injection molding machine, a compact solution tailored specifically to their processes," explains Dr. Hans Ulrich Golz, President of the Injection Molding Machinery segment in the KraussMaffei Group and a member of the KraussMaffei Managing Board. The new MaXecution offers reliable real-time data throughout the production phase, thus facilitating the planning, control and monitoring of the entire production process. Current manufacturing orders and the respective machines and personnel can be simply transferred to the shop floor level. In event of any malfunctions or deviations, the new MaXecution provides the opportunity to react rapidly and initiate counter-measures. "With the new MaXecution, we support our customers in the long term on their path to digital, paperless production, and offer them a tailored system to improve the capacity utilization of their machinery pool and to increase their overall equipment effectiveness," says Golz.

Three versions based on requirements

The new MaXecution from KraussMaffei is based on the well-known MES HYDRA from the Mosbach-based MES provider MPDV Mikrolab GmbH (MPDV), and will in future be offered in three versions: Starting with a basic package for data collection and evaluation, through supplementary planning functions to the monitoring of process parameters and transfer of data records, the processor can decide on the basis of requirements how many of the functions of an MES he needs. Stage 1, the MaXecution Basic, serves for operating (BDE) and machine data collection (MDE). This includes, for example, the collection of organizational operating and order data, the establishment of actual machine running times, the quantity of good parts produced, as well as data on machine capacity utilization and the quota of rejects. "The Basic version thus offers a reliable basis for the analysis of manufacturing processes for the evaluation of machine downtimes or the optimization of machine running times," says Golz. The second version Basic Plus comprises additional planning functions: A program function for the graphic fine planning of manufacturing orders and the mold and resource management form the basis for a better overview and reliability in production planning, as well as in the use of suitable resources and molds. "Our customers benefit, for example, from a reduction in the waiting and storage times between the manufacturing orders, and thus from increased machine capacity utilization. This leads to shortened throughput times for manufacturing orders and thus improves delivery reliability," explains Golz. Stage 3, the Advanced version, goes a step further and additionally comprises functions for controlling and monitoring different process parameters and for the transfer of data records. The data record administration DNC, for example, serves to transfer mold data records, which eliminates the need to go to the machine. The process data processing PDV records additional parameters such as pressures, temperatures and power consumption, and provides graphic analyses. All in all, the Advanced premium package offers a reliable tool for the automatic import and analysis of process parameters on the shop floor with the aim of achieving continuous quality control. Should the customer require further additional functions beyond these services, it is always possible to change to HYDRA from MPDV.

Automatic establishment of OEE indicator

The OEE indicator (overall equipment effectiveness), with which the processor gains valuable insights into his production, can likewise be automatically derived with the new MaXecution. The OEE indicator brings all the factors together that determine the performance of machines and systems – or entire production lines: availability, performance and quality. In this way, it can be understood how well a piece of equipment can exhaust the existing potential, and where losses arise. In the OEE report of the new MaXecution, for example, individual machines can be selected, evaluated and compared with each other. The OEE profile visualizes the chronological sequence of the OEE of individual machines, from which, all in all, valuable data and measures for continuous improvement of the production process can be derived. Furthermore, the OEE indicator serves as an important signal of the success of the improvement measures implemented.

Live presentation at Fakuma

Together with the partner MPDV, KraussMaffei will present the new MaXecution for the first time at Fakuma 2017. In Hall A7 at the KraussMaffei Booth 7303/7304, visitors can experience live how manufacturing data for the injection molding process are collected and evaluated. In addition, in several brief presentations each day KraussMaffei will provide information on useful MES functions in plastics processing.

Part of the Plastics 4.0 family

With the new MaXecution, KraussMaffei is adding another fundamental element to its portfolio of Plastics 4.0 solutions. With Plastics 4.0, KraussMaffei supports its customers in implementing the potential and benefiting from the opportunities arising in the course of Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. The main focus is on the digitalization and networking of the worldwide production processes with the aim of achieving greater production efficiency, flexibility, automation, availability and quality. The range of Plastics 4.0 products from KraussMaffei includes intelligent, self-optimizing machine functions, reliable tools for continuous data collection and networking in the entire production process, as well as worldwide service offers. "Many of the KraussMaffei Plastics 4.0 products have already been used successfully by our customers for several years. The best example is our intelligent machine function APC plus (Adaptive Process Control), which has already been sold over 2000 times," says Golz.