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KraussMaffei at the Moulding Expo: Maximum flexibility for mold makers with the new PX and CX series
– The CX small machine series makes a compelling case by its extremely compact design and minimal mold wear
– Live demonstration of plastics-specific component design on a CX 80
– New all-electric PX series injection molding machine allows for universal mold use thanks to large mold clamping platens

(Munich, April 5, 2017) The focus of KraussMaffei's trade show appearance at the Moulding Expo (Stuttgart, May 30 through June 2, building 6, booth 6C53) is the CXZ 80-380/180 hydraulic injection molding machine that will demonstrate the advantages of a plastics-specific component design using the example of a two-component application.One further highlight is the presentation of the new all-electric PX series whose unrivaled modular design is also continued in the use of molds.

The CX series: flexible broad spectrum of use with compact design

In introducing the fully hydraulic CX series, KraussMaffei offers an especially compact, efficient and flexible two-platen machine with a clamping force range from 350 to 6500 kN. Visitors will be able to witness the advantages of the CX series in person at the common booth of the VDWF (German Tool and Mold Making Association). A CXZ 80-380/180 machine with a clamping force of 800 kN will demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of a plastics-specific or non-plastics specific component design, using the example of a two-component application. The component separated by color. The plastics-specific design is marked by the blue zone, the non-plastics specific area by a red zone. The application is thus a superb presentation for plastics-specific component design.

The design of the CX series, which is both compact and efficient, also offers advantages for fast and convenient setup of the molds.This is supported by outstanding accessibility of the ejector area and the option of easily fastening additional ejectors or unscrewing units.The wide doors, which can be opened all the way, permit easy access.

In addition, the CX series allows for the use of large platens and high mold weights. Plasticizing units can be easily replaced in CX machines thanks to their quick mold clamping system using cylinders and their adaptation to small screw diameters. In this, the MC6 control system automatically detects the installed screw size and makes the necessary adjustments in a fully automated way. Optionally, the CX is equipped with an enlarged space for the clamping unit, which in turn allows for enlarging the inside diameter and increasing the opening width.In addition, the excellent platen parallelism and the smooth-running clamping unit ensure that mold wear is minimized.

The new PX series: the all-electric made-to-measure machine

Through its new PX series, KraussMaffei sets new standards in all-electric injection molding machines. The new series features an unprecedented combination of the advantages of an all-electric injection molding machine with maximum modularity. Processors benefit from high precision, productivity and flexibility in all production phases. The high flexibility also continues with the operation of the molds. Thus, the large mold clamping platens permit universal mold operation.Even the widest variety of molds with large or small mold heights can be set up individually. Easy and fast setup of the molds is a given thanks to the accessibility of the clamping and ejector areas. Automatic mold height adjustment using the MC6 control system and the ProcessDesigner for a graphic, user-configurable sequence programming provide further advantages in the operation and easy process setup.
The new PX series allows also for the insert of high-performance molds in a standard machine. For instance, powerful servomotors provide fast mold movements and dynamic clamping force build-up. A clamping motor with brake makes the mold installation in the presence of clamping force even safer.

KraussMaffei at the Moulding Expo
Building 6, booth 6C53