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Processor from Venezuela relies on the quality and performance of KraussMaffei Berstorff for its pipe production
(Munich, March 3, 2017) Tubrica, one of the largest pipe producers on the South American continent, with headquarters in Venezuela, invested in the expansion of its PO and PVC pipe production as part of a large-scale order from KraussMaffei Berstorff. The systems (a total of ten lines and two single extruders) are being successively put into operation at the locations in Barquisimeto and Valencia as well as Maracaibo (Venezuela) by the middle of 2017.

Premium quality and innovative products in polyolefin pipe processing

"In South America, too, the trend is moving toward using premium-quality products in the construction industry and in the infrastructure area," reports Raul Alvarez, owner of Tubrica. "Since we have maintained a very good business relationship with KraussMaffei Berstorff for many years, for this large-scale project we have again fully and completely trusted in a highly skilled system partner, whose machine quality and process-technology expertise in the line business have proven their value," says Alvarez. The bundle of orders includes seven entire machines for producing pipes with polyolefin material such as HDPE and PP-R, but also lines for manufacturing innovative composite pipes, which are used in the high-pressure range in the oil and gas industry. Andreas Kessler, General Sales Manager of KraussMaffei Berstorff at the Munich location, emphasizes, "For this project we are using our proven single-screw series and sophisticated pipe head technology, but we are also providing Tubrica with specific solutions for innovative materials and processes." The systems for composite pipe production are going into operation in Maracaibo.

From the standpoint of overall equipment efficiency, KraussMaffei Berstorff is continuously optimizing its machines and systems so that it can always satisfy the demand for maximum system availability, perfect product quality and maximum performance. With OEE Plus, the company offers premium-quality solutions to its customers in order to increase overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

High-performance system for producing standard PVC pipes

In addition to the PO systems, the order size includes multiple extruders for manufacturing corrugated PVC tubes, a few lines for manufacturing PVC pipes, as well as two double-strand systems for manufacturing U-PVC sewage pipes (for the diameter range from 63 to 160 mm). "The design of the double-strand lines features impressively low space requirements," Kessler explains. "With the combination of two KMD 108-36/R twin-screw extruders, we are offering the customer a custom solution that enables extremely space-saving, extremely high-performance and very energy-efficient production. It is an interesting solution when you need to produce standard pipes with large dimensions while also raising the profit margins somewhat," Kessler says.

The system, which could be seen at K 2016 before being delivered to the customer, proves that customized concepts can be used to reduce production costs and increase overall equipment efficiency for the long term.

Tubrica, one of the leading pipe producers in South America, has an annual production capacity of approximately 90,000 tonnes and mostly supplies customers in the South American market.

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