Training at the KraussMaffei Group

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The KraussMaffei Group believes that investment in training is an investment in the future. In Germany, our ratio of apprentices and trainees to total employee numbers is well above the industry average. We are a strong partner in the field of vocational training.

In addition to the professional training, we also offer the practical sections of the Bachelor of Engineering (University of Cooperative Education) degree with a choice of four specializations, as well as the Bachelor of Engineering (University dual system) with two specializations.

State-of-the-art technology for qualification

Our training workplaces are equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, including CAD systems and CNC machines. All our trainers are highly qualified and highly trained and share their knowledge and expertise with you. Their know-how is extensive, for example you'll learn to work with 8 different control systems for machine tools.

In electrical engineering, our training is well above training standards set out by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We cover topics like analog and digital technology, PLC (a programmable controller is an electronic assembly used in automation for controlling tasks and projects) and EL-CAD (planning electrical circuit diagrams on a computer). The technical product designers are trained on several CAD systems.

If you choose a commercial traineeship, you'll work in several different departments at KraussMaffei. You'll learn to use all the popular text and calculation programs with confidence.

Training at KraussMaffei

Training at KraussMaffei

Vocational training

From office assistant to industry mechanic – KraussMaffei offers training in eight trades and two commercial/technical areas.

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Careers by location

Here you obtain an overview of the locations of the KraussMaffei Group at which you can learn your trade or train in a particular area.

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Contact partner for training questions

Here you can find all contact persons for training questions.

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University dual system

We offer various dual study models for school-leavers or young people who, having completed a training course, wish to qualify further.

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How should an application look?

We expect you to send us:

  • A letter telling us clearly and concisely what training course you're applying for and an alternative if you'd consider one
  • Resumé and photo
  • You're two most recent academic reports or your school-leaving certificate.

Send your applications by post to the contact partner at the respective locations.

How we handle your application

  • We'll write to confirm that we've received your application.
  • Your prospective supervisor will study your application, especially your school achievements.
  • Within a few days, we'll either invite you to come for an interview or send you a rejection letter, if we don't have a place for you.
  • If the result of the interview is positive and we offer you a place, you'll need a doctor's certificate of fitness.
  • Once you have this, you're ready to start your training with KraussMaffei Group.